Saturday, June 3, 2017

Serendipity on a Saturday Drive

Took the woody on a little longer shakedown drive this morning, and was able to put on a few event-free miles. We took the back roads from Sunnyvale to Alviso, and made a quick stop at the old Bayside Canning Co. to check the temperature of the brakes. There we noticed a historic landmark plaque stating that the Bayside was the 3rd largest canning operation in the US in 1931... the same year the Woody was built.

The ride home was good, as well. We got up to 55mph for a short while, and the car ran great. We did have a little mist from the radiator at one point, but I believe it was from being slightly overfilled vs. overheating. The block and radiator temps were right in line with what I have experienced in the past.

51.9 miles since the rebirth of the woody!

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