Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Muffler and Tail Pipe

I installed a new Aries muffler and Station Wagon tail pipe extension on the woody this evening. It took about an hour to install once we got everything laid out. No major issues, it just took time to get everything laid out and we were being extra careful not to scratch anything.

I think it looks and sounds fantastic!

Here is what the exhaust sounded like before:

And here it is after the install was complete:

I need to re-torque everything after I run it a few more times and have a small leak to attend to between the muffler and tail pipe extension. But all in all I think it sounds great. The Aries clamp was so much better than the one that was on the car to begin with.

I think the boys will appreciate the tail pipe extension... especially when we are stopped at lights.

Big thanks to Joe for a top notch product and support!